Exercising POWER over Aging


79 St. Nicholas Street

When the Head of Cardiology at U of T (a 9-year member of Power Institute) not only endorses a fitness training program but raves about it, you listen.  At least you should.  We all know how physical health – especially as we age – is fundamental to the over-all integrity of our sense of well-being.

The owners of Yorkville’s POWER INSTITUTE – Lissa Hostland, Darryl Bodington and Ron Das wanted a unique place – no cookie-cutter semblance of a gym– in which to provide expertise, leading-edge technology, and a private, intimate and inviting space – the Power Studio – where they work their magic inspiring you to work yours. Based on a European model, this is the only such institute here – and of course, it is found in Yorkville – unobtrusively, discreetly welcoming you at 79 St. Nicholas (this is another reason it’s Hollywood celebrities’ choice of training venue).

The strategy is to mix it up to keep it fun: Boxing, Kettle Bell, Redcord and the Power Plate (a unique gravity-resistant apparatus that improves strength, balance and flexibility).  There is more to the methodology of living your best life. The Institute offers the latest technology in body contouring and facial care: Coolsculpting, Lipomassage, Cellulite and natural Facial treatments. Each workout and/or treatment program is carefully, conscientiously designed and customized for each client.

As the aforementioned cardiologist Dr. Paul Dorian commends, “ The trainers are terrific people… All in all a wonderful experience – you work hard and get terrific results”

Their Philosophy:

Our whole philosophy is about aging well, and the beauty side of our business supports that. In lieu of surgeries, fillers, and injections, our technologies are all about improving the integrity of the skin and the underlying tissues. 

We’re proud to say that most of our clients could easily pass for 10 years younger.

Yorkville: The Perfect Location:

“The people who live in the area are our ideal clients…people who care about their health as well as how they look.”  And “It’s also ideal for people who don’t live nearby as it’s very accessible.”


“We love Olivia at Haartek Salon in Manulife.  Nervosa is a favourite stop for their amazing kale salad and summer people watching. … the people watching is unparalleled!”

Mistakenly some… “people think of Yorkville as a snobby, rich neighbourhood where everything is overpriced.  But still, all kinds of people come to Yorkville to hang out, shop, and eat.  It has a strong neighbourhood feel to it that I love.  You can walk into the bar at Sassafraz or D Bar and half the place is regulars where everyone knows each other.”

From Owner Lissa:

“I was hooked from a young age the moment I realized that I could leg press more than the boys at the local community center!” 

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ve got!” 

Check it out: they have a 5-star rating for personal training, fantastic personal endorsements. TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR – and check out their informative BLOG!