The Ubiquitous Mr. Yorkville

YORKVILLE has a new ambassador.  Deserving of the title Mr. Yorkville, Nissan Michael knows, loves, likes, has an opinion on, will talk, endorse, inform and sing the praises of all things Yorkville.  A ubiquitous purveyor of Yorkville (you’ll see him everywhere!), he “knows” the best of the best – in fashion, in design, in service, in prime real estate, and where to have the best time! Most of all he is unreservedly passionate about the people who live, work, and visit Yorkville.  He’s here to share everything – from the Inside.

Mr. Yorkville can and will bring you all that’s new in the street, in the shops, in the cafes; the everyday, the inspired, the behind the scenes, the in-depth.  He’ll take you inside the lives of the vibrant personalities that grace and invigorate Yorkville: the beautiful people, the connoisseurs of couture and design, the prophets of lifestyle, the innovators, the professionals, the players in the drama, comedy and fun of Yorkville.

Mr. Yorkville brings you a closer, real, exhilarating look at what breathes the “life” into the art of living that is Yorkville.