Is this woman real!? 

Stunning! Prolific! Insanely (in a good way) talented and jaw-droppingly accomplished!

You run out of superlatives when talking about Dee Dee Eustace, renaissance woman extraordinaire!  The cheerleader with the 95% average is where she started; from there she soared upward into the stratosphere of success: An architect of international note, her own architectural firm, Taylor Hannah Architect Inc., a construction company, a millwork company, lectured at the University of Toronto, a weekly columnist for the Globe and Mail, has designed international residences, yachts and planes!  And to note – she is loving mother to son Jake and daughter Rachael (dogs Sparkie and Sassy share the love).

By the numbers: Dee Dee is one of the “Top 100 Business Women in Canada,” and one of the top 5 architects and interior designers in Canada, has been published in at least the top 7 Canadian & American design magazines, is on the board of at least 7 humanitarian, community, and arts foundations, and 3 times made designer guest appearances on Oprah!

Yes – she is real! 

In her book, which she calls “a book of my life” (Dee Dee Rules: NYC), the chapter headings alone read with wit, ease and a trusting informality (Fear is Only in the Mind; O.K. Fear is Not Sexy; Embrace Your Age; Nothing to Lose).  A complete pleasure to read and savour – this generous, engaging diary (her year-long New York adventure) is filled with “Life, Love and Design” advice (brilliant, detail-specific 365! design rules, as promised) – and gorgeous photos.

Dee Dee Rules: NYC (365 design rules) is available online; but the book in hand, the one she calls “a book of my life,” is Dee Dee: enchanting, edifying and real.

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