Yorkville Avenue is in for some changes in the coming months – and the catalyst to this evolution is the decision of super brand CHANEL to relocate its Bloor Street Flagship store to 98 Yorkville Avenue – the previous home of luxury retailer Teatro Verde. The new location is a two story brick building which will span an impressive 8.700 square feet. The new flagship features the facade of a former Mount Sinai Hospital and is at the base of the luxurious 100 Yorkville Avenue residential condominium building. CHANEL will also be neighbour to the new, already opened free-standing Christian Louboutin store at 99 Yorkville Avenue.

Yorkville Avenue’s aging streetscape was also recently replaced and made more refined by using new large grey paving stones. Plans are also underway to revive the area by bringing in new luxury retailers onto Yorkville Avenue, inspiring the renovations of many spaces and facades along the strip – perhaps giving way to Yorkville Avenue to become Toronto’s newest luxury shopping destination. Definitely very exciting plans for Yorkville.

The CHANEL new retail location is set to open this Fall and we will report back as soon as the new Yorkville Flagship opens at 98 Yorkville Ave. Another reason why Yorkville is the best place to live (and shop) in Toronto.


The new CHANEL Retail Location at 98 Yorkville Avenue – currently under renovations.


Location was previously Teatro Verde


CHANEL’s previous Flagship location on Bloor Street.