Our values are as simple as our health-sustaining potions.


The philosophy of ELXR Juice Labs is completely clear – even when the naturally nutritious concoctions come in a variety of textures and vibrant colors! They believe in “providing unadulterated wholesome nutrition for whole body nourishment,” offering a repertoire that includes cold-pressed juices, protein-dense plant-based milk, waters, booster shots, and cleanse packages. At 55 Avenue Rd., the Yorkville location, ELXR staff is busy blending (literally) the purity of meticulously-sourced ingredients with the precision of modern technology.


Each deliciously restorative ELXR is raw, alive and always unpasteurized.

ELXR remains true to the integrity of its philosophy. In order to maintain the efficacy of the living nutrients in their ingredients and to reduce their carbon footprint, they practice sustainable sourcing and, as much as possible, use ingredients from local farmers. And they use 100% glass bottles to protect against the risk of unwanted chemicals.

“Respect our Earth, respect our body, and do no harm.”

All the “elixirs” deliver a wide variety of restorative and remedial properties: They provide plant protein, digestive aid, detoxification, beautification properties, and anti-inflammatory and immunity agents; they are energy boosters, enhance brain function and promote bone strengthening. And they are delicious! My absolute favorite is Hibiscus Fresca.

Enjoy and be replenished daily from:

8:45AM – 6PM M-F

Saturday: 10AM – 6PM

Sunday: 10AM – 5PM


55 Avenue Rd.

P: 416.929.5255