The name “Radford” conjures up class, refinement, a certain presence. Victoria Radford wears her unpretentious confidence beautifully. Her unique salon in Yorkville Village, aptly named “Radford,” bears her signature well; it is an understated, sophisticated working space, no advertising necessary, whose aim is to offer the finest in all things that speak to day-to-day beauty and occasion – skin care, makeup, hair styling and colouring. Her expertise and knowledge as a makeup artist and aesthetician, and her interest and study in holistic medicine, inspired this, her first salon, and her own line of makeup and skincare which has already made itself known as a quality Canadian brand.

“I wanted to create a little bit more of a private boutique feeling where people felt like they were coming home, so that they could openly explore who they truly are as a person, and then have us facilitate the physical representation of that.”

Her celebrity speaks to the high regard she has garnered for her integrity and philosophy. “I really wanted to marry style and high-end luxury with the concept of ‘natural.’” She has been the lead makeup artist for A-list artists (like Fergie), is sought after for producing photo shoots for Canadian magazines, and is a featured guest on CTV’s The Social. As well, she has gathered a fantastic staff who, besides providing day-to-day aesthetic services, are an in-demand resource for high profile Toronto weddings.

Here’s a shout-out to her talented team:

Alex, Pro Hair Stylist; Becky, Photographer/ Graphic Designer; Bronwyn, Events Coordinator; Christina, Principal Stylist/ Colourist; Eve, Senior Principal Stylist/ Colourist & Extension Specialist; Hamida, Pro Hair Stylist; Jenna, Social Media/ Content Coordinator & Pro Makeup Artist; Joshua, Merchandising Coordinator; Kinga, Studio Manager & Wedding Coordinator; Saira, Senior Principal Stylist/ Colourist; Tara, Senior Colourist; Taylor, Principal Makeup Artist & Aesthetician; and Yasmine, Principal Makeup Artist & Pro Hair Stylist. You can learn more about the team and services on victoriaradford.com

The world’s beauty industry adds another Canadian star to its roster; and we have Victoria and her staff’s talents to revel in right here in our own Yorkville. 


55 Avenue Road, Unit #210

Upper Level, Under the Skylight