Living up to the standards of Yorkville’s polish (literally) and customer service, you’ll find Xenon Detailing Ltd. operating out of The Hazelton Hotel. This is a business that has evolved purely by word-of-mouth, building a reputation for service explicitly tailored to clients and their specifications for their cars.

Owner Rob Danis grew up in Toronto and studied Resource Management at York. One summer, driving by the Eagles Nest Golf Club in Vaughan, he decided to ask the owner if he would consider his services in cleaning the golfers’ cars. After 4 summers of work, the owner introduced Rob to The Hazelton Hotel. Now, 8 years later, Rob runs 2 successful locations of Xenon Detailing Ltd.

As a car enthusiast, his awe has now mellowed, having seen the best, the most expensive, and the latest – first – thanks to his prosperous clientele. For you car lovers, his most memorable are the 2012 limited run Alfa 8C and the Ferrari 599 GTO. He has also met many celebrities, athletes (especially during Caribana) etc. who are loyal patrons.

He appreciates Yorkville’s sense of community. One wish he proffered was for an Italian sandwich shop; I pointed him in the direction of Zaza.

Car wash choices range from a simple exterior wash to full showroom detailing. Rob points out that many clients leave their car for the day while they go shopping or to business and can pick up their beautifully polished cars up until 12 at night. He offers discount packages and special rates for his most frequent clients.

He sees his business as synchronized with the Yorkville lifestyle. His success story certainly echoes the classic: youthful resourcefulness meets opportunity. The caveat, though, is it’s not just who you know but how well you can capitalize on a job perfected.

The Hazelton Hotel

118 Yorkville Ave.